Top IT Firms in Waterloo, Canada


There are many possible ways to decide that a company is among the best in a region.

However, here, we consider IT companies that have been recognized by Canada’s top 100 employers as well as others that are new in innovative IT service areas.

eSentire Inc.

Founded by Eldon Sprickerhoff in 2001, eSentire specializes in cybersecurity and network security for businesses.

They are a name among the IT companies in Canada to reckon with. They provide a vital service that has become more prominent in the present day and age.

Recently, the demand in cybersecurity has increased and eSentire being a mid-size company is expected to change in their size of between 250 t0 500 employees.

AI in the mix could shrink the number of human workers or they will naturally need more employees. They are as good as Techsuite of NYC that are breaking technological records in the United States.

Here are some of the top IT companies that made our list;

Vidyard (Buildscale Inc.)

Cofounded in 2011 by Devon Galloway, Edward Wu, and Michael Litt, Vidyard goes beyond the normal content hosting for videos to providing video marketing analytics.

The company provides market automation, enterprise software development and video analytics for businesses. How they present the services they offer on their website could pass as a tag line for Vidyard. The product promises to offer “video for business”, “video for marketing” and “video for sales”.

Open Text Corporation

Open text Corporations is truly a Canadian company, publicly traded, founded in 1991 with its headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario.

The company specializes in producing and selling software solutions for management. With close to 1850 employees, the company is celebrated as one of the to100 employers in Waterloo.

COM DEV International Ltd.

COM DEV is a hardware and software company with a size of 1000 to 5000 employees. The company was founded in 1974.

Sybase Canada Limited

Sybase is an enterprise software providing company that is also involved in data management as well. The company was founded in 1984, with currently over 1000 employees. They are a well known IT company that manages data cantered software and IT infrastructure.

Magnet Forensics

Founded by Jad Saliba in 2009, Magnet Forensics is an important player in software solutions for digital forensics applications. They are a core Info Tech Company with businesses on the Internet, IoT, and security software development.

Magnet Forensics has between 11 and 50 employees in Ontario, Canada.

Waterloo IT (Computer Depot)

Waterloo IT, parent company Computer Depot, is a core remote IT helpdesk support service provider. They also provide on-site services in hardware sales and repairs, networking and maintenance.

The Waterloo IT business has been in operation since 2001.

Clear Software Inc.

Clear Software Inc. is a private company established in Waterloo, Ontario, it was founded by Jon Gilman in 2009.

Clear software promises scalable development solutions for business software projects. They are a leading IT company in building software for other businesses. They have between 11 to 50 employees.

Auvik Networks Inc.

Auvik Networks was co-founded by Alex Hoff, David Yach, and Marc Morin in 2011 as a network management company in Waterloo.

They have an employee base of between 100 to 250 people. They offer cloud-based software that automates network monitoring for managed IT services.


Kiite was founded in 2017 by Donna Liitt, Joseph Fung, and Robert Chaplinsky. They are a growing company with between 11-50 employees in Waterloo and deserve to be recognized as a top IT company because of their brave work in AI applications in marketing and sales automation.


We scanned through basic information to find some of the top IT companies to work for in Waterloo.

It is great that every year companies compete to become listed as the preferred employers but some of the companies in our list appeared more frequently.